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Our aim is to give out flexible loans to eligible candidates to finance their future.

Zedd top priority is to give all our eligible clients mortgage loans flexible enough to repay without stress, with ease and will meet there loan demands

What is Zedd?

Zedd is a first of its kind Crypto-based mortgage bank that uses blockchain technology to finance and fund loans, focusing on the Real Estate Sector.
Mortgage bank is a bank that specializes in originating and/or servicing mortgage loans. It can be involved in originating or servicing mortgage loans, or both. Generally, a mortgage bank originates a loan and places it on a pre-established warehouse line of credit until the loan can be sold to an investor, which are typically large institutions.
Zedd Mortgage Bank will focus on providing economical housing units for interested home seekers/developers/cooperatives who desire a well-structured mortgage offer. Further to this, we also keep our customers abreast with financial activities as well as provide high quality customer service.
The Zedd Mortgage Bank housing and mortgage products will be made available in countries in the world for its residents. Our aim is to provide one of the basic needs of man – Shelter – the dream of every human.

In the current embodiment, the general response rates applied to non-cash loans (0.4% for the Group), which is applied to non-cash loans (0.4% for the group); While collateral letters, acceptance loans, letter of credit, credits, turnovers, such as a debt obligation, as soon as a requirement is unable to be carried out in the future, are also unmalitable non-cash loans that can be credited with other persons.

In this context, in the standard qualified loans of this type of collateral letters in the standard qualified loans, in the new application, while in the new application, this collateral letters are primarily considered to the Capital Adequacy Regulation according to the Capital Adequacy Regulation on this personal loans with bad credit. 50% risk weight will be implemented later on this amount to the general response will be divided over 1.5%. This increases the amount of General Provisions from 0.2 TL to 0.2 TL (3,75 times) of a collateral letter except for a standard qualified cash supply of 100 TL (medium risk weight in SY). . The same amount increases the general response amount to Pay Procurement for Czechs of 100 TL (Medium / Low Risk 20% risk weight in SY) to $ 0.2 TL to TL 0.3 (50% increase in general response ).

"Risk weights applied for the measurement and evaluation of the capital adequacy of banks in the measurement and evaluation of the risk weights of the BRSA on 28.03.2016 and the Risk Weight-on Circular of the Circular of the Circular of BRSA).

ZEDM token Structure

Distributed to Community
Token sale
Founders, Teams and advisor
Bounty campaign, Airdrop, giveaways

November 1, 2019 (09:00AM GMT + 1)

Number of tokens for sale

80,000,000 (27%)


December 30, 2019 (00:00AM GMT + 1)

Minimum transaction amount

0.01 ETH

Verified Smart Contract


Exchange rate

1 ETH = 50,000 ZedM

Zedd IEO

The IEO will commence Q1, 2020


September 2019
first Airdrop (for 2 month)
December 2019
Distribution of Airdrop token
Q2 2020
Public introduction of the project
Q4 2020
full launch of project
October 2019
Selfdrop and listing of ZedM on Exchanges
Q1 2020
listing on major exchanges and IEO
Q3 2020
Launch of Zedd platform (web, mobile app)

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